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Defocus is a collection of flat-packed craft furniture resulting from the study of and collaboration with woodworkers. As a renewed dialogue, the user finishes the artisan’s work by assembling the furniture with a system that resembles traditional carpentry clamps. The furniture, ideal for nomadic lives, is particularly easy to disassemble.

Mass manufactured furniture is frequently represented by affordable and easy to assemble detached pieces, while crafted furniture tends to be one-off, high-priced items coming in one piece. Neither of them are easy to disassemble, encouraging a short life period or restraining the enthusiasm for acquiring an artisan piece.

Defocus embraces the most common way in which society understands furniture nowadays: flat packing. It also carries craftspeople's values: local and traditional business, authenticity and quality. This project highlights artisan’s principles such as the use of local wood (London cherry), the wood grain alignment in every piece, and the detailed finishing presented as a gradual edge rounding. These features create meaningful and long-lasting unique pieces while reconciling efficient manufacturing that minimises time and material waste.

The joining system, made of solid aluminium, creates highly stable furniture pieces. Furthermore, it does not need any tools to be set up or dismantled, which generates a seamless user experience. Clamps, used by woodworkers since ancient times, become a conversational piece about the craftsmanship process.

This project works as a case study of a new intervention system for traditional crafts. The system aims to generate a long-lasting and stable status for the crafts through the concept of ‘object-conveyors’. The term refers to objects that are made based on the observations and collaborations of artisan, designer and consumer, and try to convey and reveal elements of the craft that are not normally perceived. Such a system should foster a similar perception of value for artisan and consumer in order to create meaningful and durable bonds through unique handmade objects.

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