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Similes is a collection of lights that aims to give voice to tacit knowledge and communicate the craft of glassblowing in a different way. Based on an artisan-designer collaboration and knowledge exchange, the glassblower’s actions and tools were reinterpreted and captured in three lights.

During the last few decades, increasingly more glassblowing workshops have closed down in Spain. This is an unsettling scenario for the craft, which is at risk of disappearing, but even more so for the artisans who cannot enjoy, harness, and transmit their skills. This project sets its focus on one of the few remaining glass workshops in the southeast of the country.

Challenging the perception of crafted glass as static pieces, each one of the lights is switched on/off by mimicking one of the three main movements that glassblowers perform in their making. These pieces work as communication tools. Through them, the user is expected to better understand the craft, start a conversation about it and, ultimately, stimulate further interest around it. 

This project works as a case study of a new intervention system for traditional crafts. The system aims to generate a long-lasting and stable status for the crafts through the concept of ‘object-conveyors’. The term refers to objects that are made based on the observations and collaborations of artisan, designer and consumer, and try to convey and reveal elements of the craft that are not normally perceived. Such a system should foster a similar perception of value for artisan and consumer in order to create meaningful and durable bonds through unique handmade objects.

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